OS X Server Installation

We are currently migrating our websites to the MacMini colocation http://www.greenminihost.com

These pages remind some steps on the installation.

Installing OS

Apparently, there is a bug in 10.9 server that interrupts the connection to the network periodically. We decided to stay with 10.8.
Server.app and OS must be in sync, so you must use Server.app 10.8 with OS 10.8 and Server.app 10.9 with OS 10.9. However, you cannot buy Server.app 10.9 any more, so you may have to use a copy of the server installation.

Use ScreenSharing

You will get access credentials with a link vnc:// and username and password. Typing the link in Safari will open ScreenSharing.
Use ScreenSharing when you need deep access to your MacMini. To connect just to the server, use Server.app.

Change password

Change the received password for your own

Verify some system preferences

Set desktop to a solid color to reduced bandwidth. Set Screensaver to never.
Add your keyboard language as input source.
Set Display resolution to something you can view without scaling. Use 720p if you want to access it from a MacBook Air.
Set Date and Time to automatically and to display seconds. You will be able to verify remotely if an app or the entire computer is blocked.

Show hidden files in Finder

Go to terminal and type
defaults write com.apple.finder AppleShowAllFiles TRUE
killall Finder

Name your disks

We have two disks. The first with the system is named HD and the second MediaA (remove spaces).

Install Dropbox

We will do the backup of the sites over Dropbox.
To do: Server configuration files are outside the Dropbox. Identify and link them to the Dropbox.
Create a folder public_html to host the sites.

Set up a Webserver

Set up a Webserver

Set up a Mailserver

Set up a Mailserver

Set up SSL

Set up SSL