Set up a Webserver

You can add as many webservers you want. The Webserver is first set up internally, then on the DNS server of switchplus.

Add Webserver

On the, go tot the tab Websites
Set on. Enable PHP web applications.
Add a server with +.
Domain name:
Store Site Files in: Create a folder in Dropbox/public_html and set it as folder.
Additional domains:
Index files: keep only index.php
Advanced settings: Allow overrides using .htaccess files

Add local DNS server entry

On the, go tot the tab DNS
Set on. Forwarding servers and
Perform lookup for clients of the local network
Add host name with +
Host name:
IP addresses: your IP.
Host name:
IP addesses: your IP.

Copy site files to public_html

In the Finder, define folder as "shared folder" (or you will get forbidden error). For each folder the website can write, you should also enable read and write for everyone.
Note:Shared folder checks filesharing in System Preferences. Uncheck that.
The site should now be functional locally. Check on Safari on the Macmini.

Add entry on LINK at switchplus

Use Chrome with (Safari does not work).
Go to Administer Domains. Allocate the domain you want to host with LINK.
Got to Basic Configuration.
Click on the icon on the right of the domain "Edit name server".
Create an A entry for and for * to your IP.
Wait one to two hours.