Set up SSL


1. Install Brew if not installed.

/usr/bin/ruby -e "$(curl -fsSL  )"

2. Install Certbot

brew install certbot

3. Create a script

4. Test the script

sh -t -d -f /Users/matthiasbuercher/Dropbox/public_html/

5. Use the script to create certificate

sh -d -f /Users/matthiasbuercher/Dropbox/public_html/

5. Use the script to renew certificate

sh -r -d -f /Users/matthiasbuercher/Dropbox/public_html/

6. Go to Server app, certificates.
The certificates should show up.
Renew will create new certificates.
Note: Anyone knows how to renew .p12 files instead of reimporting them?

7. Go to websites, set certificate for server
For renew, set to none, delete old certificate, set new certificate.